10 Signs You Might Be A Phone Junkie

I was out with a couple of friends the other day when there was one of those lulls in conversation… you know the kind when as kids we used to say an angel was passing through… Well, as if on cue my friends whipped out their phones and started scrolling, flipping and typing… Feeling a little left I reached for my phone and wondered what we used before we all had smartphones. Now I’m no Luddite and Smartphones are amazing pieces of technology, capable of doing a whole lot of good. They are rapidly becoming central to most of what we do and our very sense of being… But could this be a problem? Is it possible that we are becoming a bit too dependent on our phones? The question we are asking; Do you have your phone or does your phone have you?

This is quick test to see if you are addicted to your phone


10 Signs You Might Be A Phone Junkie Addict

  • Your Phone is always in your hand.

  • Your battery does not last a day. (Ok… this could be you have a lousy phone or don’t have a charger)
  • You always need to charge your phone and panic when you can’t
  • You check your phone first thing when you wake up and last thing before you sleep.
  • You fall asleep with your phone in hand and wake up at night to check it.
  • You “feel” your phone ringing when it’s not.
  • You take your phone to the bathroom.
  • You check your phone during meetings, prayers and or social settings… even on dates. 
  • You use your phone whilst driving.
  1. You don’t feel accomplished or validated without a notification, text message or Social media like. 

Bonus: You are reading this on your phone.

How many more signs of Phone Addiction can you think of?

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