Why Thot Factory

“If you had the power to change the world, where would you start?”

Yemi Amusan

It's all about you

The THOT Factory was created just for you… because you are that special!

You are unique and capable of offering something to the world that makes a real difference.

“In an age that teaches us to try and fit in, your true value is in what makes you different.”

Too many people subscribe to the unwritten rule that you must fit into one of the pre defined boxes of society. You are not defined by what people say you are and the sum of YOU can seldom fit in one box. Whether you are just starting to figure out the pieces of your life, or looking for your next challenge; we are committed to helping you discover who you are in this world and what you bring to the table. Join the THOT Club and discover a network of like-minded people, passionate about impacting their world.

Need to be inspired? tune in for one of our online THOT Clinics and get real time inspiration for dealing with life in the real world. You can also register for our Live Events and experience what happens when world changers get together.

Not ready to join? You still get a free gift just for stopping by… no kidding! It’s our way of saying we believe in you. Just click on the link and start your journey to meet the best version of you.

Our character… who we really are when we think no one is watching… embodies the essence of our true selves and determines what we have to give to humanity. None of us is perfect but what we value does say a lot about us. Here are the traits that make up the core values of the THOT Factory